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In shangpin 4 anniversary of the 520 most popular brand in the top 10, in established luxury higher-ups, BURBERRY, PRADA, GUCCI, FENDI, TOD's and DOLCE & GABBANA team light appeared in the four luxury brands, from the United States advocate minimalism and texture of MICHAEL KORS, wedges of top Italian shoes brand ASH, noble sexy sweet wind us brand JUICY COUTURE and representatives "style, creativity, and Munich" high-quality Korean brands MCM.This four light luxury brands on behalf of the school, pull shangpin's annual sales rose to a new record, what is more thinking about is, this is not the victory of a brand, is light and decoration, but also shangpin's victory.

Say brand set on behalf of the site location, that the light of luxury brand of collective success is mapping the shangpin's unique positioning, in the sea, website and the major electricity across time zones and regions E era of points to eat a piece of cake, shangpin in the denominator in the growing market for luxury goods has surrendered a steadfast transcripts calmly and relaxed pace is very small.So textbook demonstration of eyes will attract more inquiry, but this moment, let us together look out from the "luxury".

On June 9, 2014, Michael Kors honored to announce, loved by many Hollywood superstar of New York's fashion boutique Michael Kors will be sexy agitation swept in Taiwan, taichung CITY first brand Lifestyle boutique depending on June 9th in taichung hundred TOP CITY grand opening.New Michael Kors Lifestyle boutique design style from Madison Avenue (Madison Avenue) stores of modern fashion style, elegant atmosphere of bright metal elements in all show in the luxuriant informality details, complete the classic appearance of the brand.Invited to the opening day international star Lin to heavyweight ribbon-cutting guest, with taichung fashion fans feeling to belong to the latest summer move feeling fashion Michael Kors charm.

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